Upcoming Events
Feb 08 - Open Game Director: Dorothy
Feb 10 - Open Game Director: Stuart
Feb 11 - Open Game Director: Audrey
Feb 12 - Maui Snowbird Sectional
Feb 13 - Maui Snowbird Sectional
Feb 14 - Unit Game Director: Sue
Feb 14 - Maui Snowbird Sectional
Feb 15 - Open Game Director: Sue
Feb 17 - Open Game Director: Sue
Feb 18 - Open Game Director: Marlene

In Remembrance...

Aloha and Welcome to the Kona Bridge Club

All bridge players and visitors are welcome.  Kona Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned non-profit organization dedicated to serving the duplicate bridge community on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We meet at The Bridge Building at the  Makua Lani Christian Academy, 74-4966 Kealaka'a Street, Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  Drive to the north end of Kealaka`a Street, turn left through Makua Lani Academy's gate and follow the driveway to the bottom.  It will turn to the right and the words 'The Bridge Building' are in large block letters on the building.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.   More About Big Island Clubs.

Kona Bridge News & Announcements
2016 Sectional

Hawaii's 2016

Big Island Sectional

ACBL Unit 469 - Kona, Waikoloa, Hilo

February 19-21, 2016

Click Sectional Flyer for details.

2016 InterIsland Championship
Illustrated <b>Clip</b> <b>Art</b> Image Of The <b>Hawaiian</b> <b>Islands</b> | HD

2016 InterIsland Championship

January 31, Sunday Afternoon at 1:00 

Open Pairs at Kona Bridge Club

Competion is among the four major Islands - Hawaii, Maui, Kauai and Oahu.  Plan to play and see how you do against players from across the state of Hawaii. 


President's Message

      President's Message

January 1, 2016

Dear KBC Members,
Happy New Year!!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!
As we move into another new year, I want to thank all of you for supporting our bridge club. I especially send out a huge MAHALO to our KBC Board members and committee chairs who do all the behind the scene work that needs to get done so we all can have fun and enjoyable games, week after week.

Our big event of the year is our Unit’s upcoming Sectional, February 19 - 21st. I hope all of you take the opportunity to play at least one day during the tournament. It will be a fun weekend, meeting other players from off island, enjoying great food, and having a chance to earn silver masterpoints. There will even be a Big Island beers tasting, along with wine, on that Friday night. Check out the Sectional flyer posted on our website.
There will also be opportunities for you to volunteer to help us have a successful Sectional. Rexanne Ring is this year’s chairperson and she will be letting you know how you can help out.
Sara Ito and Bev Jefferson are doing a fantastic job as our club’s co-managers and I can’t thank them enough for all they have done to make our club run smoothly with a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

We have moved our starting times for Thursday games from 9:00am to 11:00am,
calling it “Brown Bag Bridge”. There is a short lunch break in the middle of the game.
Hopefully this will increase our numbers.

For 4 weeks, beginning at 11:30, Monday, January 11th, Rexanne and I will be holding review classes for our newer players who attended last year’s classes. Topics we might cover will be opening bids, responses to no trump openers, opening 2 of a suit, Blackwood, Stayman, transfers, take out doubles, opening leads, filling out the convention card, and using the Bridge Pad for scoring. We are hoping you then will stay and play in the regular game at 1:00 pm.

2016 promises to be a great year for our club as we continue to grow in a positive and friendly manner.
See you at the Bridge Building!


December Western Conference STaC

Here are Kona Bridge Club members who placed in the recent

Western Conference STaC games.


Monday Afternoon, December 7
Kathy Golitzen and Peter Mitchell - 64.17%
Sally and Walt Bobb - 59.29%


Wednesday Afternoon, December 9
Chuck Clark and Jim Elstran - 63.50%


Sunday Afternoon, December 13
Shelly Hershberger and Dean Jenkins - 71.30%
Kathy and Peter Golitzen - 65.33%
Gail Mullen and Lynn Puri - 63.28%
Dee Overton and Richard Gittelman - 60.84%

Click for Complete Western Conference Results

For complete Kona Bridge Club results click the Game Results box on the upper left of this page.

Last Month's Results - December

Results of the American Contract Bridge League at the Kona Bridge Club for the month of December 2015:

Dec 2            N/S 1st Sally Bobb/Walt Bobb, 2nd Jean Cole/Robert Cole

                    E/W 1st JoAn Hill and Shirley Decker, 2nd Kathy Golitzen and Dee Overton

Dec 7            N/S 1st Sally Bobb and Walt Bobb, 2nd E/W Jean Cole and Roma Johnson

                     E/W 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Mitchell, 2nd Jim Elstran and Butchie Hayward

Dec 9            N/S 1st Jean Cole and Robert Cole, 2nd Sara Ito and Gail Mullen

                     E/W 1st Chuck Clark and Jim Elstran, 2nd Rexanne Ring and Dan Sabo

Dec 13           N/S 1st Shelly Hershberger and Dean Jenkins, 2nd Gail Mullen and Lynn Puri

                     E/W 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Golitzen, 2nd Lou Ann Gibbs and Bruce Gibbs

Dec 14           N/S 1st Sara Ito and Lois Griffiths, 2nd Shelly Hershberger and Dean Jenkins

                      E/W 1st Jim Elstran and Butchie Hayward, 2nd Kathy Golitzen and Peter Mitchell

Dec 16           N/S 1st Richard Gittelman and Shelly Hershberger, 2nd Sue Brown and Pat Bauman

                      E/W 1st Alice Goo and Sara Ito, 2nd Kathy Golitzen and Dee Overton

Dec 17           1st Jim Elstran and Sue Kaneta, 3 way tie for 2nd, JoAn Hill/Kathy Golitzen,

                      Chuck Clark/Marilynn Bass, Dan Sabo/Marlene Sabo

Dec 21           N/S 1st Marilyn Bass and Rexanne Ring, 2nd Sue Kaneta and Dan Sabo

                      E/W 1st Chuck Clark and Dorothy Case, 2nd Edward Schickli and Nancy Anderson

Dec 23            N/S 1st Richard Gittelman and Shelly Hershberger, 2nd Ira Warren/Fran Warren

                       E/W 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Golitzen, 2nd Shirley Decker and Carol Richards

Dec 24             1st Kathy Golitzen and JoAn Hill, 2nd Marilynn Bass and Chuck Clark

Dec 28             N/S 1st Shelly Hershberger/Richard Gittelman, 2nd Rexanne Ring/Marilyn Bass

                         E/W 1st Nancy Anderson and Edward Schickli, 2nd JoAn Hill and Shirley Decker

Dec 30              N/S 1st Allan Young and Richard Robbins, 2nd Sue Brown and Pat Bauman

                         E/W 1st Peter Mitchell and Stuart Vance, 2nd Chuck Clark and Jim Elstran

Dec 31               1st Shirley Decker and Marlene Sabo, 2nd Chuck Clark and Marilynn Bass

Big Games in 2015

2015 Kona Bridge Club Big Games

70 Percent Game

75.75      Shelly Hershberger-Richard Gittleman  06/10/15

72.19      Mike Hansen-Kathy Hansen                  01/14/15

72.09      Dean Jenkins-Kelly Sandulli                  04/29/15

72.08      Richard Gittelman-Shelly Hershberger  12/16/15

71.30      Shelly Hershberger-Dean Jenkins          12/13/15

71.25      JoAn Hill-Shirley Decker                         08/26/15

71.13      Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen                 03/20/15

70.53      Chuck Clark-Dorothy Case                     09/28/15

70.41      Dean Jenkins-Gail Hadovsky                 11/18/15

70.36      Richard Gittleman-Shelly Hershberger   06/17/15

70.14      Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                       03/11/15

70.00      Kathy Golitzen –JoAn Hill                       12/24/15


65 Percent Game

69.79      Chuck Clark-Dorothy Case                    12/21/15

69.58      Sally Bobb-Walt Bobb                            08/26/15

69.17      Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen                02/27/15

69.10      Marlene Sabo-Lynn Puri                        10/07/15

69.05      Sue Brown-Pat Bauman                         11/25/15

68.96      JoAn Hill-Marilyn River                           11/30/15

68.75      Kathy Golitzen-Peter Mitchell                 11/16/15

68.50      Shirley Decker-Jim Elstran                     04/03/15

68.45      Dee Overton-Kathy Golitzen                   01/07/15

68.45      Chuck Clark-Dorothy Case                     09/14/15

68.33      Mike Hansen-Kathy Hansen                   01/19/15

68.33      Virginia Scott-Takemi Totes                    08/10/15

68.23      Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                        06/24/15

68.23      Chuck Clark-Takemi Totes                      06/15/15

68.03      Chuck Clark-Dorothy Case                      11/16/15

67.86      Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen                  08/31/15

67.84      Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen                   01/23/15

67.71      Audrey Mitchell-Shirley Decker                10/15/15

67.64      JoAn Hill-Shirley Decker                           04/29/15

67.26      Stuart Vance-Peter Mitchell                      09/23/15

66.93      Kathy Golitzen-Peter Mitchell                   11/09/15

66.92      Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                          02/12/15

66.76      Ralph Junwirth-Latrelle Uhl                       09/16/15

66.75      Chuck Clark-Takemi Totes                        06/10/15

66.67      Sue Kaneta-Jim Elstran                            10/08/15

66.67      Kathy Golitzen-JoAn Hill                          09/17/15

66.50      Kathy Golitzen-Peter Mitchell                    11/30/15

66.43      Chuck Clark-Marilyn Bass                          02/16/15

66.07      Kathy Golitzen-Peter Mitchell                     09/28/15

66.03      Dan Sabo-Rexanne Ring                             11/04/15

66.00      Dean Jenkins-Shelly Hershberger              05/23/15

65.97      Stuart Vance-Peter Mitchell                         02/04/15

65.87      Chuck Clark-Larry Cosper                           11/23/15

65.71      Richard Gittelman-Shelly Hershberger         09/02/15

65.69      Richard Gittelman-Shelly Hershberger         12/23/15

65.63      Rexanne Ring-Marilynn Bass                       02/09/15

65.50      Virginia Scott-Jim Elstran                             06/05/15

65.50      Audrey Mitchell-Gerry Mitchell                     04/13/15

65.50      Susan Lee-Shelly Hershberger                     04/03/15

65.42      Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                             08/10/15

65.36      Marlene Sabo-Chuck Clark                           07/06/15

65.33      Kathy Golitzen-Peter Golitzen                      12/13/15

65.28      Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                              01/21/15

65.18      Jim Elstran-Chuck Clark                               08/19/15

65.10      Gail Mullen-Shirley Decker                            08/13/15

65.00      Shirley Decker-Gerry Mitchell                      03/02/15

Congratulations on Your Achievement




Butchie Hayward



Polly Beynon

Eleanor Ramsey

Bev Jefferson

Harold Bass

Kathleen Bass



Sally Bobb

Walt Bobb

Beth Reid

Dan Sabo

Kelly Sandulli



Virginia Scott



Sue Brown



Mike Folkert



Shirley Decker

Richard Gittleman

Dean Jenkins

Kathy Golitzen