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Aloha and Welcome to the Kona Bridge Club

All bridge players and visitors are welcome.  Kona Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned non-profit organization dedicated to serving the duplicate bridge community on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We meet at The Bridge Building at the  Makua Lani Christian Academy, 74-4966 Kealaka'a Street, Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  Drive to the north end of Kealaka`a Street, turn left through Makua Lani Academy's gate and follow the driveway to the bottom.  It will turn to the right and the words 'The Bridge Building' are in large block letters on the building.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.   More About Our Club.

Kona Bridge News & Announcements
Holiday Game at Mauna Kea


Kona/Waikoloa Christmas Brunch and Game

at Mauna Kea

Sunday, December 13



The brunch starts at 11:30am and the game will begin at 12:45pm.
The Kona Club is charging their members $25.00, subsidizing half of the cost as our Christmas present to you! This price is only for KBC/ACBL members. Spouses and others are welcome to come but non-members will be charged the full price for the buffet.
There is a sign-up sheet at the KBC and you should make checks payable to KBC and give it to Chuck Clark.
If you would like to just come and play bridge that day, you should still sign-up to let us know how many tables we will have. The $5.00 game fee will be collected at the bridge tables.
The deadline for signing up is Thursday, December 3rd.
Hope to see you there!
Merry Christmas! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too!
President's Message

      President's Message - October 26, 2015


In case you haven’t been at the club lately, I want to let you know that Bev and Sara are doing a fantastic job as our new co-managers. They have already made some positive changes that will continue to improve our club and its operations.
Also, our new game directors, JoAn and Dorothy, have come on board and are making our games run smoothly and happily.
A huge THANK YOU to JoAn Hill who provided the funds for a new computer for the club! Our old one gave its all and will be recycled.  Please thank JoAn when you see her!
You will notice some new bridge tables at the games. We are replacing some of our old, worn-out tables that have seen better days.   Thanks go to Chuck Clark for getting us a good deal through the Target manager.
Some dates you should make note of:
• Monday’s November 2nd game has been moved to Sunday, November 1st at        1:00pm.
• Unit Game is Sunday, November 8th at 1:00pm.
• No Game on Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!
• Sunday, December 13th,Christmas Brunch - 11:30am and Game - 12:45pm at the
 Mauna Kea. (sign-up will be put out later).
Rexanne has started another 5 week session of beginning bridge lessons.  Alumni of her first classes last spring are also invited to brush up and learn new conventions as well.  The classes are every Thursday at 6:00pm at Kuleana Education in Pottery Terrace. Tell your friends!
I, along with Sue Kaneta and Rexanne Ring, taught an 8 week Beginning Bridge class to Kuleana Middle School students as an elective for their first quarter of school. It was great fun and hopefully we have sparked the curiosity of some future bridge players!
Don’t forget to check our website, konabridge.org, for date changes, scores, and other happenings.  If you would like to add something to the website or have ideas for other content just let Sara Ito know.
Last Month's Results


Results For October 2015

Oct 1       1st Gail Mullen and Shirley Decker, 2nd Jim Elstran and Sue Kaneta

Oct 2       N/S 1st Ralph Stone and Gail Hadovsky, 2nd Judee Woodbury and Zack Woodbury

                E/W 1st JoAn Hill and Shirley Decker, 2nd Sue Kaneta and Polly Beynon

Oct 5       Swiss Team 1st Chuck Clark, Jim Elstran, Dorothy Case, and Butchie Hayward

                 Swiss Team 2nd Gail Mullen, Lois Griffiths, Lynn Puri, and Sara Ito

Oct 7        N/S 1st Marlene Sabo and Lynn Puri, 2nd Stuart Vance and Peter Golitzen

                  E/W 1st Dean Jenkins and Gail Hadovsky, 2nd Richard Kertson and Leanna Kertson

Oct 8        1st Sue Kaneta and Jim Elstran, 2nd tied Gail Hadovsky and JoAnn Hill, and Gail Mullen and Shirley Decker

Oct 12       Swiss Team 1st Richard Gittleman, Dean Jenkins, Dee Overton, Shelly Hershberger

                  Swiss Team 2nd tied Shirley Decker, Peter Mitchell, Gerald Mitchell,  Peter Golitzen, and Sally Bobb, Walt Bobb, Liz Holey, and Beth Reid

Oct 14        Swiss Team 1st Dean Jenkins, Richard Gittleman, Shelly Hershberger, Dee Overton

                   Swiss Team 2nd Dorothy Case, Lois Griffiths, Liz Holey and Butchie Hayward

Oct 15        1st Audrey Mitchell and Shirley Decker, 2nd Dan Sabo and Barbara Pianin

Oct 19        1st Shirley Decker/Gerald Mitchell, 2nd tied Mirjana Reams/Doug Wake, and Jean Cole/Lynn Puri

Oct 22        1st Beth Reid and Alice Goo, 2nd Madelaine Kleinman and Robert Kleinman

Oct 24       1st Douglas Wake and Mirjana Reams, 2nd Dean Jenkins and Gail Hadovsky        

Oct 26       N/S 1st Marlene Sabo/Audrey Mitchell, 2nd tied Mirjana Reams/Doug Wake, and Sara Ito/Lois Griffiths

                   E/W 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Mitchell, 2nd Chuck Clark and Dorothy Case

Oct 28        N/S 1st Sue Kaneta and Polly Beynon, 2nd Joan Shepherd and Sara Ito

                    E/W 1st Doug Wake and Mirjana Reams, 2nd Peter Mitchell and Kathy Golitzen

Oct 29         1st Sue Kaneta and Jim Elstran, 2nd Mirjana Reams and Doug Wake

Big Games in 2015

2015 Kona Bridge Club Big Games

70 Percent Game

75.75    Shelly Hershberger-Richard Gittleman   06/10/15

72.19    Mike Hansen-Kathy Hansen                  01/14/15

72.09    Dean Jenkins-Kelly Sandulli                 04/29/15

71.25    JoAn Hill-Shirley Decker                      08/26/15

71.13    Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen               03/20/15

70.53    Chuck Clark-Dorothy Case                    09/28/15

70.36    Richard Gittleman-Shelly Hershberger   06/17/15

70.14    Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                       03/11/15


65 Percent Game

69.58    Sally Bobb-Walt Bobb                           08/26/15

69.17    Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen               02/27/15

69.10    Marlene Sabo-Lynn Puri                       10/07/15

68.50    Shirley Decker-Jim Elstran                    04/03/15

68.45    Dee Overton-Kathy Golitzen                 01/07/15

68.45    Chuck Clark-Dorothy Case                    09/14/15

68.33    Mike Hansen-Kathy Hansen                  01/19/15

68.33    Virginia Scott-Takemi Totes                 08/10/15

68.23    Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                       06/24/15

68.23    Chuck Clark-Takemi Totes                    06/15/15

67.86    Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen               08/31/15

67.84    Peter Mitchell-Kathy Golitzen               01/23/15

67.71    Audrey Mitchell-Shirley Decker                        10/15/15

67.64    JoAn Hill-Shirley Decker                      04/29/15

67.26    Stuart Vance-Peter Mitchell                  09/23/15

66.92    Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                       02/12/15

66.76    Ralph Junwirth-Latrelle Uhl                  09/16/15

66.75    Chuck Clark-Takemi Totes                    06/10/15

66.67    Sue Kaneta-Jim Elstran                         10/08/15

66.67    Kathy Golitzen-JoAn Hill                     09/17/15

66.43    Chuck Clark-Marilyn Bass                    02/16/15

66.07    Kathy Golitzen-Peter Mitchell               09/28/15

66.00    Dean Jenkins-Shelly Hershberger          05/23/15

65.97    Stuart Vance-Peter Mitchell                  02/04/15

65.71    Richard Gittleman-Shelly Hershberger   09/02/15

65.63    Rexanne Ring-Marilynn Bass                02/09/15

65.50    Virginia Scott-Jim Elstran                     06/05/15

65.50    Audrey Mitchell-Gerry Mitchell                        04/13/15

65.50    Susan Lee-Shelly Hershberger               04/03/15

65.42    Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                       08/10/15

65.36    Marlene Sabo-Chuck Clark                    07/06/15

65.28    Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                       01/21/15

65.18    Jim Elstran-Chuck Clark                       08/19/15

65.10    Gail Mullen-Shirley Decker                   08/13/15

65.00    Shirley Decker-Gerry Mitchell               03/02/15

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