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Jul 06 - Novice Game
Jul 06 - Open Game
Jul 08 - Open Game
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Jul 13 - Open Game
Jul 13 - Novice Game
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Jul 20 - Novice Game
Jul 20 - Open Game

In Remembrance...

Aloha and Welcome to the Kona Bridge Club

All bridge players and visitors are welcome.  Kona Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned non-profit organization dedicated to serving the duplicate bridge community on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We meet at The Bridge Building at the  Makua Lani Christian Academy, 74-4966 Kealaka'a Street, Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  Drive to the north end of Kealaka`a Street, turn left through Makua Lani Academy's gate and follow the driveway to the bottom.  It will turn to the right and the words 'The Bridge Building' are in large block letters on the building.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.   More About Our Club.

Kona Bridge News & Announcements


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Bridge Bites

Little 20 minute tidbits @ 12:25 on Mondays

Our first 3 Bridge Bites will be presented by Craig Ross.  Mahalo to Craig for getting us started on Bite Sized learning.  Additional Bites will be noted here as they are scheduled.

1. A brief view of "counting" a hand, with a very slightly variant take.
2. A brief look at how a hand's value changes as the bidding evolves.
1. What is a Balanced Hand
2. How do I tell my partner?

July 6th - Bridge Bite Three

1. Opening marginal hands.
2. When to jump into the bidding

Novice Games

Starting on June 15 a Novice Game will be held every Monday in conjunction with our regular Open Game.  A Novice is a player with 20 or fewer master points.  Games begin at 1:00; please arrive no later than 12:45.  Or come earlier, around 12:30, and help set up tables.  Arriving early also helps the Director who must sign everyone in and organize the day's game.


President's Message re:  Summer Schedule effective June 8 etc

Remember, starting Monday, June 8th our summer schedule looks like this:
Mondays - 1:00 pm
Wednesdays - 1:00 pm
Thursdays - 9:00 am
Also, beginning Wednesday, June 10th we will be having a Novice game for our beginning players. If they don’t have at least 2 1/2 tables they will be joining our regular game. So, please welcome new players, be kind and tolerant.  We want them to have fun and come back often!  Remember…we were all in their shoes once.
P.S.  Did you know the Blackwood Convention was developed by Easley Blackwood in 1933?



May 23 saw our first ever Open Play Novice Section since The Bridge Building was opened.

Mahalo to instructor Rexanne Ring and all of her enthusiastic students and assistants.

More Pictures

Instructor Rexanne Ring standing then clockwise South Sue Slotzkin, West Sharon Tamboury, North Eve Bentley, East Pualani Willing.

May Winners

Results of the American Contract Bridge League at the Kona Bridge Club for the month of May 2015:
May 1                    N/S 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Mitchellopolis, 2nd Pat Bauman and Sue Brown
                                E/W 1st Sara Ito and Joan Shepherd, 2nd Beth Reid and Alice Goo
May 4                    1st JoAn Hill and Virginia Scott, 2nd Chuck Clark and Dan Sabo
May 6                    N/S 1st Alice Goo and Roma Johnson, 2nd Peter Mitchellopolis and Marlene Sabo
                                E/W 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Golitzen, 2nd Dan Sabo and Rexanne Ring
May 8                    1st Allan Young and Harry Messenheimer, 2nd Richard Gittleman and Liz Holey
May 10                 1st Dean Jenkins and Shelly Hershberger, 2nd Gail Mullen and Lynn Puri
May 11                 1st JoAn Hill and Virginia Scott, 2nd Pat Bauman and Sue Brown
May 13                 1st Roma Johnson and Alice Goo, 2nd Richard Gittleman and Shelly Hershberger
May 15                 N/S 1st Rexanne Ring and Dan Sabo, 2nd Jim Elstran and Liz Holey
                                E/W 1st Gail Mullen and Sara Ito, 2nd Beverly Jefferson and Gail Hadovsky
May 18                 1st Shirley Decker and Marlene Sabo, 2nd Jim Elstran and Butchie Hayward
May 20                 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Mitchellopolis, 2nd Dan Sabo and Rexanne Ring
May 23                 N/S 1st Dean Jenkins and Shelly Hershberger, 2nd Gail Mullen and Shirley Decker
                                E/W 1st Beth Reid and Virginia Scott, 2nd tied Eleanor Ramsey and Polly Beynon and Beverly Jefferson
                                and Gail Hadovsky
                                Novice 1st Nancy Osako and Bill Lindgren, 2nd Eve Bentley and Sue Slotzkin
May 25                 N/S 1st Sue Brown and Pat Bauman, 2nd Sally Bobb and Walt Bobb
                                E/W 1st Alice Goo and Beth Reid, 2nd Virginia Scott and JoAn Hill
May 27                 1st Shelly Hershberger and Richard Gittleman, 2nd tied Dee Overton and Kathy Golitzen and Shirley
                               Decker and JoAn Hill
May 29                 1st Tom Chambers and Lynn Chambers, 2nd Shirley Decker and Chuck Clark


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